Let's turn your big + brilliant idea into a powerful + profitable online course

You already have a message with meaning

and you’re excited to turn that into a movement. The passion for your mission runs so deep that it naturally bleeds into everything you do.

Case in point: You’re constantly fizzing with big ideas, powerful concepts, and insightful action steps and your audience laps them up.

This is your life’s work and you’re brilliant at it

The question is… How on earth do you put your life’s work into a course?!
One that’s a true reflection of you and so well thought out that you’re 100% confident it will ignite powerful transformation for your people and generate consistent profit for you.

See also: without frazzling your brain, putting more work onto your plate, doing your unique approach a disservice, or following a one-size-fits-all course formula that *surprise* doesn’t fit you. 🙄

Hey lovely, I'm Emily

I help fiercely creative thought-leaders turn their big + brilliant ideas into powerful + profitable courses so they can improve thousands of other people’s lives while building more spaciousness into their own.

As a learning designer, my superpower is pulling the gold out of your head and turning it into a clear + comprehensive curriculum that will take your students by the hand and empower them to get massive results.

You already know your success is inevitable

but designing and creating courses is not quiiiiite your zone of genius or definition of fun. You get drained by immersing yourself in details and have questions like:

“What’s the best way to structure this course so that it flows and ensures my students get a result?”

“Omg, where do I even start? I’m already short on time!”

“What should I include and what should I leave out? There’s so much I could teach but I don’t want to overwhelm people.”

My highly collaborative 1:1 process will answer all these questions for you (and probably a hundred more)

Cookie cutters belong in the kitchen, not in course creation

The way I approach learning design allows me to go deep with my clients so you can go wide with your message, and do so in a way that feels like a totally authentic expression of your brilliance.

Whether you’re creating a signature course, a certification program, or an ecosystem of smaller products, I’ve got you.

Know what I haven't got? A cookie cutter.

I call Emily my Course Doula.

She was able to lasso my creativity in a way that held space for the bigness of my ideas while structuring and organizing the flow of the course. I hate courses and had a lot of resistance around putting my life’s work into an online course but Emily helped me identify what feels soulful, sustainable and joyful for me to create. By starting with the human and the transformation, she truly helped me tune into the difference I want to make in the world in a way that is completely unique to me.

- Amber Rae, Author / Artist

I was able to create something truly transformational

I was able to create a landmark program that I feel so confident in and that brought in an additional 20k that I wasn't even planning for that month. Working with Emily was a turning point in my business. Her coaching style is so warm and so open, she's able to ask the questions that really make you think about what your gifts are really meant to do for the world. Through Emily's method, I was able to create something that is truly transformational - I have never seen more connection, transformation and action and follow through from the participants compared to any of my other programs. I feel really powerful with my programs now.

- Sofie Von Marricks, Life Coach

You need to hire Emily

If you're nervous about creating your first online course, you're not sure what to include and what to leave out, and you want to ensure your clients finish the course and experience a powerful transformation, you need to hire Emily! She will help you shake off your self-doubt, make you feel wildly confident in your own material, keep your content streamlined, focused, and actionable, and leave you with a clear action plan of next steps, so you can bring it all to life!

- Ashley Cox, HR Partner

Emily is an absolute expert in her field

Emily was really able to take all of the ideas that I had in my head and put them in a flow that made sense. Before hiring Emily, I was feeling nervous and overwhelmed, but excited to get my certification program out there in the world. I wanted an expert to be able to guide me through the process of creating a certification program and Emily is an absolute expert in her field. Having her expertise and eyes on the program every step of the way gave me a lot of confidence to put it out there in this world and it has been really successful, I'm about to start my second round! If youre thinking about hiring Emily, I so encourage you to go ahead and make that decision.

- Desiree Kaye, Conscious Life Coach Reparenting Specialist

Everything was magic

Working next to Emily Walker to create my Signature Course was the BEST decision that I have ever made! Emily was extremely attentive to my thoughts and ideas, she made the process very clear and truly very simple. When beginning to look at creating my course on my own, I was overwhelmed, full of anxiety and truly procrastinated as I really didn't know where to start and how to communicate my course with ease and grace. Then, I met Emily and everything was magic! She guided me through every step of the way with confidence, support and endless motivation. She not only supported me in designing a course BEYOND my dreams she allowed my voice and style to come through. The time saved by having Emily Walker was so valuable that I will be launching my course leaps and bounds beyond when I would have if doing this all on my own! Thank you so much, Emily! You have made my vision become a reality!!

- Emily Jolly, Wedding Planner

Emily helped me see things I couldn't see

Emily's expertise was exactly what I needed in creating my online transformational experience. I was looking for someone who would help me with more than just a course structure. I wanted someone who valued the outcome for the learner above all else. Emily was able to see the big picture and keep all the details organized when I could not. Even during some of the most confusing development phases for me, I always felt Emily had everything under control and would be able to put it all together beautifully in the end. And she did. She helped me see things I couldn't see, and in our collaboration we've created something very special together. I'm incredibly grateful for her combination of expert course creation and heart-centeredness!

- Karen Powell, Creativity Coach

I'm so excited to dive in!

Before working with Emily, I had been trying for years to get this group coaching program up and running, so I could help people in a different and more accessible way. In just a few sessions, she has helped me create an entire program structure, breaking it down by module focus, subcategories within the modules, activities, and more. I'm feeling great about things now and excited to dive in and finish things up. Working with Emily was so streamlined and easy. She's very accessible, responsive, and organized, but my favorite part was the insights she brought to each session. She brought up ideas and points that I hadn't thought of that were extremely helpful in the end result. If you're even thinking about signing up to work with Emily - do it! You'll be so glad you did.

- Samantha Eaton, Health & Eating Psychology Coach

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