What do 1000 types of mould, croissants, and fallen angels have in common?

You know how you love the idea of creating a life-changing course but you don’t really think of yourself as a “course-creator”? That’s kinda like how I loved the essence of education but didn’t really identify with being a teacher.

Picture this: Accepted into teacher college, check! Devouring my body weight in croissants while on a research project in France, check! And I was well on the way to finishing my masters (studying fallen angels, of all things) when I got the feeling that teaching kids in a public school just wasn’t for me.

I ran in the opposite direction and faceplanted into the field of learning design

It started with me taking it upon myself to create a training manual and program to help the staff at my current job. You might be thinking, Emily, that sounds like my WORST NIGHTMARE.

In which case, we’re going to get along brilliantly because you have to understand, this was fun for me.

one workbook, 96 slides, 1000 types of mould

Fast forward a few years and I was working with universities, government and large corporations to develop certification programs, create training materials and facilitate workshops. As much as I loved  structuring, organizing and condensing information for my clients, I hit my limit when I had to create a ridiculously long workbook about 1000 types of mould.

Cue me realizing there was a huge opportunity to use my superpower of designing powerful curriculums in a new way.


Lassoing comets and choreographing dances in hurricanes

I took everything I’d learned in the corporate instructional design world, applied it to the online entrepreneurship space, where very few people knew about effectively mapping out a transformational learner journey from start to finish, and made it feel like choreographing a dance in a tornado for people who have creative brains.

Now I get to design powerful + profitable online courses with clients all over the world who light me up like a Christmas tree every single day.

I love each and every one  of my clients so much - I even have their photos up on my wall.


I'm mixing things up #trendsetter

My approach is so revolutionary for our industry that I’ve been featured in major publications like Thrive Global, coached for high-ticket masterminds for six and seven-figure business owners, and worked with best-selling authors like Amber Rae.

Let’s design an transformational learning experience, not a launching experience

Newsflash! Designing and creating an epic course in a weekend is BALONEY.

The online course industry is massive, and creating a course is a brilliant way to scale and get your big ideas and actionable insights into more lives, but the main focus should be on designing the learning experience, not designing the launching experience.

So many marketers selling courses about courses seem to have it the wrong way round. Of course, you want your course to sell, but when you’ve done the foundational work of purposefully designing the curriculum for people first and profits second, the value becomes obvious and irresistible to those who need it most.

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So, my lovely fierce creative, it’s my job to ask questions. And right now, I have three for you...

  • Have you ever taken a course and not finished it, and instead let it collect dust in the digital course graveyard?
  • Have you ever taken a course about creating a course and felt like the strict formulaic approach just didn’t work for your business or your students?
  • Have you ever got so sick of seeing the same things in the online course space that you’ve doubted whether you even want to create one?

If you answered yes to any of those questions, I have something you *might* just fall in love with.