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Emily Walker is an expert in architecting life-changing online programs. She is known for her unique approach in the course creation industry, blending equal parts learning psychology, intuition and a firm belief in doing things in a way that feels deliciously like you.  From best-selling authors to ground-breaking coaches to seven-figure entrepreneurs, Emily has worked with a diverse range of clients in all different industries from all around the globe.

Emily believes that it’s time to burn down the one-size-fits-all strategies and instead fall wildly in love with your deeply original learning experience. After working behind the scenes on over 100 courses, certifications and group programs, Emily knows that the truly life-changing programs are the ones that honour your learners’ journey while infusing every element with your unique magic.

When she’s not cooking up new programs with her clients, Emily can be found hanging out in yoga pants with her two kitties, puppy and her husband, dreaming of leading her next VIP weekend in Paris.

Topics I love talking about:

Transformation-driven online programs

  • How to design a transformation-driven online program
  • Top mistakes coaches make when creating their online program
  • Upcoming trends in the online course space
  • My mission to disrupt the 'norm' in the course creation space
  • Why you should care about intentionally designing your program

My journey as an entrepreneur

  • How I faceplanted into my career as a learning designer
  • Navigating my anxiety as I built my business
  • The biggest lessons I've learned in my entrepreneurial journey
  • Overcoming perfectionism, imposter syndrome & having-to-do-it-all-itis
  • Weaving the 'woo' into my business

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Podcast Interviews

"Give yourself permission to do your group program your way, so it really feels like YOUR program and is unique to you - it's not just your version of someone else's program" - Creating a Group Program | Coach With Clarity

"You are already giving people these transformations, so who are you to not scale that impact to not put that out to the masses and help even more people" - Creating Powerful & Profitable Courses | The Wela Podcast

"When you put the heart of everything we're creating, that's how we know we're creating an amazing experience for them. When we give our learners this incredible experience, that's when people go out and start raving about us." - Scale Your Impact and Income with a Course | Stories in Small Business

"I don't think there's something different that you should be doing in the time of Corona. It's all the stuff that you should be doing as a course creator.“ - Courses In Crises | Elevate Series

"When you are creating a learning experience, you're providing a transformation" How to Design a Transformational Online Course Experience So Students Keep Coming Back | Rebel Boss Ladies 

"As educators, we’re sharing our knowledge and our passion with the world so that we can make a difference" Go From 1:1 to 1:Many by Designing Your First Online Learning Experience | 6-Figure Freelancer

"No one talks about the courses they don't finish"
How to Create a Course that Converts | I Heart My Life Show

"You can talk to people about something until you're blue in the face, but if they don't take that information and turn it into action, they're not going to have any sort of transformation in their lives"
Intentionally Designing Your Offers & Your Life | Freedom Driven Success

“Get it out there, start changing people’s lives with your information”
Creating Successful Online Courses | Pep Talks for Side Hustlers

"Procrastination can actually be a deep form of intuition"
Building Community and Connection through Intuition | Work Your Inner Wisdom

"The key piece of any course is not just what you’re trying to teach"
Creating a Learner-Centred Mindset | Process to Profitability 


Article Contributions

"The biggest shifts I’ve seen in my business have come from trusting my own intuition"  Small Business Hindsight for 2020 | Leadpages

"The moments that have been most impactful for my people have been when I show up as my imperfect self”
3 Inspiring Takeaways About Women in Leadership | Thrive Global

"Connect with your audience first"
26 Online Course Creators Share their Course Launch Tips, Stories, and Mistakes | Business Bolts Media

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