A luxe-yet-cozy group coaching experience that shows you how to design, create, and launch your DREAM signature program without using cookie-cutter strategies — even if all you have right now is an idea

You’re a brilliant online business owner with skills + expertise so powerful it literally changes lives (you have the testimonials to prove it!)

Now you’re ready to change more lives with a signature program that has scalable intimacy at its core.

The problem? It's one of two things

Screen Shot 2022-06-01 at 11.42.57 AM

1. You don’t know how to progress your program beyond a soul-tingling idea.

You’re an in-demand (but maxed-out) expert with a unique approach to the work you do, but you’re not an expert at packaging that brilliance up in a way that’s delightful for you to deliver and gets your clients OMG-level results they rave to their peers about.

Your brain feels like it has 285 tabs open and each one contains information that feels important enough to include in your program.

How do you know what to put in and what to leave out? 

How can you make sure you’re not overwhelming your clients with “too much” content while also feeling 100% confident you’re giving them enough to get them tangible results? 

How do you go from half-baked outlines currently spread across Google Docs and post-it notes to beautifully streamlined curriculum that leads someone directly to the transformation they’re craving?

2. You already have a program created and a few people have trickled through it, but you know it could be infinitely better.

You want the magical results you deliver on a 1:1 level to be accessible through your program, and that’s not currently the case (even though you put so much time + effort into building it). You just don’t know where to go from here. 

How do you know whether to refine what you already have or to burn everything down and start again? 

How do you decide what’s worth keeping and what parts of your brain still need downloading into the course material?

How can you take this asset that you currently feel, dare I say a little embarrassed to share, and transform it into something you’re so proud of that marketing it feels like the easiest thing in the world?


Whichever camp you fall into, here’s something else I know about you. You rebel against cookie-cutter approaches, but you secretly wish someone would give you a step-by-step plan for designing, creating, and launching your dream signature program.

That, my friend, is why The Incubator is so special.

Tasha Booth

Emily is my go-to expert for courses and group programs.

Whether it's a brand new offer or elevating an existing program, Emily has helped me craft learning experiences unlike anything I've ever seen before! I continue to see incredible results in my students and know that each one of my programs is engineered for powerful transformation.

- Tasha Booth



Hi lovely, I’m Emily!

Learning designer for wildly capable entrepreneurs who care deeply for their clients. I’m also described by those in my world as a course doula, transformation architect, and macaron connoisseur. (Okay, that last one is self-proclaimed.) 

My own life’s work is architecting life-changing online programs, everything from tiny offers to big certifications, in a way that honors your unique strengths, preferences, capacity, and goals.

It’s why I use customisable pathway frameworks, not cookie-cutters. 

Less one-path-fits-all, more if *this* is where you’re at and *this* is where you want to go, here are the milestones you’ll want to meet and here are the different ways you could meet them.

... Idea of weekly live calls make your eyebrows sweat? We’re not going to build your program around live calls mmmkay?!

... PowerPoint slides make you roll your eyes all the way back to 1998? Don’t have to have ‘em. 

.... Dread writing a script? Let’s create a detailed outline and let you free-fly on the mic. 

.... Can’t imagine spending eye-watering amounts on video production? There are so many other options for presenting your materials. 

I could go on (and on…)


Feedback from Karens students
Screen Shot 2022-05-25 at 11.55.39 PM

Since stumbling upon the Narnia that is the online business world after working as an instructional designer in the commercial, government, and university sectors, I've worked with a plethora of multi-6 and 7-figure business owners in diverse niches from best-selling authors to coaches, strategists, and agency owners. 

The outcome of working with me is always the same:

You’ll design, create, and launch a one-of-a-kind course or program that you’re legit obsessed with and that reliably + repeatedly gets your clients incredible results.

My approach is a concoction of:

Learning psychology - so you give your clients the best opportunity of completing your program and getting their desired result (which means epic testimonials are coming your way on repeat)

Intuition - so you give yourself the best opportunity of designing your program in a way that’s aligned with who you actually are and not who the online industry says you should be (which opens the door to marketing with absolute integrity and delivering with pure joy)

Your unique brilliance - so you create a program unlike anything your industry has ever seen before (which immediately elevates both the positioning of your offer and perceived value of your work)


You need to hire Emily

If you're nervous about creating your first online course, you're not sure what to include and what to leave out, and you want to ensure your clients finish the course and experience a powerful transformation, you need to hire Emily! She will help you shake off your self-doubt, make you feel wildly confident in your own material, keep your content streamlined, focused, and actionable, and leave you with a clear action plan of next steps, so you can bring it all to life!

- Ashley Cox

HR Partner

The Incubator is your official permission slip to ditch the “shoulds” of course creation. Instead, I will show you how to lovingly + intentionally design, create, and launch a program so unique you can’t help but shout about it from the rooftops.

Speaking of rooftops, designing + creating a program is a lot like architecting + building a house. You wouldn't start trying to build a house if you didn't know whether you were building a cabin, a condo, or a mansion, right? You have to know what it is and why you're building it before you start nailing 2x4s or choosing wallpaper.

You have to start with a blueprint, establish the foundation, and intentionally design each detail around the desired end result. The same is true for your signature program.

Meticulous planning

I show you what your program must have, could have, and doesn’t necessarily need to have, and all the different ways you could approach creating it. It’s soooo much more fun when you can see the beautiful opportunities actually available to you. 

You’ll go from “can I really create my program like that?” to “OMG YAY I can create my program like that!!!Even if you’ve already built your program, I’ll help you determine whether it needs to be ripped down to the studs or needs a fresh coat of paint and new windows.

Solid + safe structure

I show you the different frameworks you could play within to ensure your program stands the test of time while being a delight to deliver — and isn’t something you want to burn down in a few months because it’s not getting people rave-worthy results. 

Think of it as customized step-by-step. I show you all the possible pathways, guide you on how to choose which one feels best, then I walk it with you. You’ll have the confidence it will work (and won’t be a waste of your precious time + energy) and the satisfaction that it’s perfectly tailored to your personality and strengths.

You-infused customization

I know you hate the thought of there being another program out there like yours *shudders*. Once you have that solid structure in place, I’ll show you all the ways you can further customize your program and infuse it with your unique brilliance so your dream clients can’t help but choose it, love it, and tell their friends about it.

Expert support

If you wouldn’t build a house without the help of a builder, why would you expect yourself to be able to design a program without the help of a learning designer? Serious question. I’m a learning design expert first, launch expert second, and that’s why my Incubator clients finally feel like they can create their dream transformational offer and sell it with ease. 

The ease piece doesn’t come from a killer sales strategy, it comes from knowing your program can deliver exactly what it promises to the highest standard. While you’ll be wearing all the hats of an architect, builder, and interior stylist, you’ll be doing so with my step-by-step support.

The Incubator is deliberately different
(which is exactly what you want your program to be #AmIRight)

A cozy-yet-luxe playspace that’s your home for 4+ months

I firmly believe that if you want an industry-leading asset you’re heart-burstingly proud of and that promises epic results for clients, the birthing of it is not a process that can be rushed. If the industry has made you believe that you can whip up and sell out a life-changing program in a few days, I’m sorry. It’s not you, it’s them. 

Just like I’m not about cookie-cutters, I’m not about cutting corners either. That’s why the incubator is a “stay as long as you like” place, with a 4 month initial commitment. 4 months is the minimum time I recommend to design, create, and launch your dream signature offer, though most people take 8-10 months or longer. 

There is no racing here. Purely devotion to brilliance in a way that respects the time and energy you have available.

An intentional blend of personalized 1:1 feedback, group coaching, and self-study

Being a learning designer has its advantages. I know what you — as a unique individual — need to get the results you want, and I’ve designed The Incubator accordingly.

You have access to the self-study materials appropriate to your custom pathway, which will lead you step-by-step from where you are to having your dream program fully designed, created, and launched in a way that feels like a deep exhale. No fluff. No filler. Plenty of room for personalization. 

The group coaching allows you to access weekly support on your journey. I’m an expert in all the possible pathways, I’m not simply walking you down one straight path because that’s the one I’ve walked myself. These conversations allow for context and nuance and CREATIVITY. Which is exactly what most “course creation courses” are missing. 

And then there’s the 1:1 feedback. This means you get professional eyes on what you’ve poured your heart into and given ideas and recommendations based on your unique materials. Honestly? I know deep down you want validation that your program is really freaking good, and that’s what this depth of support can provide.

Rest assured, you won’t ever be dropped like a hot potato. I’m deeply invested in your success. (I even have each member’s photo pinned to a board in my office!) When we work together, I’m all in.

allow me to introduce you to

The Incubator

A luxe-yet-cozy group coaching experience that shows you how to design, create, and launch your DREAM signature program without using cookie-cutter strategies — even if all you have right now is an idea 


The Incubator takes the best of a self-study curriculum, group community, and personalized 1:1 support—

providing you with adaptable and easily customizable frameworks so you can not only create a life-changing experience for your people but feel incredible while doing so.

what people are saying

Come take a walk with me!

Keep reading below or watch this walkthrough video to take a peek inside!

01 - Custom Program Pathway & Guidebook

You’ll start by taking a quiz that puts you on your perfect program pathway and unlocks your first present: your pathway guidebook.

This guidebook gives you a four-month timeline (though you can absolutely take longer if that works for you) and a step-by-step customizable action plan so you know exactly what you need to do to bring your dream program to life in a way that respects the unique way you’re built as a human.

You’ll get access to bite-sized lessons and action steps according to your unique creation journey. Each one is easy to implement so you can focus on packaging your brilliance without feeling like you’re trying to put a thousand-piece puzzle together with no idea what the final picture looks like.

Bonus mockups (1)

02 - Intimate Weekly Live Group Coaching Calls

Every week, we'll meet for our 90-minute group coaching calls to take you from idea to ready to implement. The group size intentionally remains intimate (it’s capped at 15 people per pod) so there's an abundance of time for individualized feedback and coaching from me.

Calls are either Tuesdays at 1pm PST or Fridays at 10:30am PST, and you may request a specific pod upon application. We take the last week of each month off from our calls so that you have space to integrate what you've been learning. 

Because everyone is on different paths and at different stages in their program creation journey, you will never feel behind and you’ll get to be inspired + motivated by the unique brilliance you’re surrounded by!

03 - My Full Program Suite

(This would be over $2400 if purchased separately!)

With your enrollment to The Incubator, you’ll instantly unlock lifetime access to all of the courses in my program suite, including:

  • Course Creation Magic
  • Group Program Magic
  • Group Call Confidence
  • Winning Workshops Toolkit
  • Course Builder Box
  • Launch Magic
  • Done-For-You Vault
  • SOS Toolkit

The point of this isn’t to throw extra content at you and call it “added value”. Each of these courses provides a specific result, and based on your program pathway, you’ll be intentionally guided towards + through the most applicable parts of these materials. 

Plus, since your access to these courses isn’t going away, you’ll have them to refer back to for your next program or launch, too!


04 - Unlock High-Value Milestone Rewards

The weekly group coaching calls are only the beginning of the personalized 1:1 support you get in The Incubator. As you complete major milestones along your journey, you'll unlock high-value rewards with yours truly and 1 other expert including:

  • A 45-min 1:1 call to deep dive on your program’s macrostructure
  • Personalized video review of your full program design
  • Personalized video review of your launch event design
  • Full review and audit of your sales page copy by a pro copywriter
  • A back pocket 1:1 “SOS” call that you can use whenever you're feeling stuck

05 - Private Community

Another benefit of The Incubator is that you’re able to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs and attend bonus events in our private community. 

It’s a complementary way to learn from others, gain additional feedback, and even generate future interest and potential word-of-mouth referrals for the program you’re building


People are searching for the exact result YOUR program could facilitate right now.

Including High-Value Milestone Rewards in The Incubator is my way of lovingly motivating you to get an asset you + your perfect-fit clients are 100% obsessed with out into the world!

  • Design Your Program’s Unique Macro Structure

    Using my signature framework for designing a program that always gets results, you'll map out the feel-good foundational structure of your program so that it’s aligned with your natural teaching style and accounts for your ideal clients’ learning styles. 

    Your milestone reward: A 45-min 1:1 call to deep dive into your design and how it could be refined for optimal results

  • Develop Your Brilliance Blueprint

    The Brilliance Blueprint is where you’ll fully flesh out your dream program and keep all your ideas organized. This will make the practical building part of your program so much easier (hello: flow!) because you know exactly what you need to create and what each section needs to include. Down to the tiniest of details.  

    Your milestone reward: A personalized video review of your full program design so you’re unshakably confident in the transformation it promises and HOW you facilitate that in a way that feels delightful

  • Create a Launch-You-Love Event Outline

    Select + outline your ideal type of launch event to lead your clients seamlessly into your program. You’ll feel crystal clear on what to cover, how to implement, and when/how to pitch your program in a way that makes you feel joyful not jaded.

    Your milestone reward: A personalized video review of your full launch event outline so you finally feel cloud 9 excited about selling your program — the ick will have well and truly left the building. 

  • Build Your Program Materials

    Time to bring your purpose-fuelled program to life! Using my tools and templates you'll create your high-impact program materials in a way that makes your soul sing and that isn’t super time-consuming (or expensive). There’s no need to fear a bunch of complicated tech stuff either—promise!

    Your milestone reward: A back pocket 1:1 “SOS” call that you can use whenever you're feeling like the puzzle pieces aren’t quite fitting together and you need an expert (me!) to see what you can’t. This can actually be used at any point during your time in The Incubator but clients love to use it here!

  • Irresistible Sales Page Copywriting Support

    Write a love letter to your people in the form of a sales page that sings the praises of your gotta-have-this program. You’ll be provided with a simple skeleton to follow to ensure you cover all the sales psychology bases while still being infused with your personality.

    Your milestone reward: A full review + audit of your sales page copy by a pro copywriter so you know the words you’re using sound like you and are primed to convert the people you want to work with most.  

  • Launch Your Life-Changing Program

    Choose a launch approach that works for your personality type and energetic availability so that sharing your incredible program feels like the most natural thing in the world and ensures the right people are guided gently towards a full-body YES.

    Your milestone reward: A secret surprise 😉

The Skimmer's Version 😉

What's included in the Incubator:

  • Custom Program Pathway & Guidebook

  • Intimate weekly live group coaching calls 

  • Lifetime access to my full program suite (8 total courses, valuing $2,400+)

  • 2x 45-min private coaching calls when you reach milestones

  • Video review of your full program design

  • Video review of your launch event design

  • Full review and audit of your sales page copy by a pro copywriter

  • Private community for 24/7 peer support

  • A few other surprises along the way... 

Monthly Payments

4 x $997


1 x $3697

The courses and milestone rewards alone total over $6300 in value. You're also getting 4 months' worth of weekly live group coaching calls and access to a private community, which is so valuable it’s impossible to quantify! (Though for reference, if you wanted to work with me for private coaching for the same amount of time it would be over 10K.)

Karen Powell

Emily helped me see things I couldn't see

Emily's expertise was exactly what I needed in creating my online transformational experience. I was looking for someone who would help me with more than just a course structure. I wanted someone who valued the outcome for the learner above all else. Emily was able to see the big picture and keep all the details organized when I could not. Even during some of the most confusing development phases for me, I always felt Emily had everything under control and would be able to put it all together beautifully in the end. And she did. She helped me see things I couldn't see, and in our collaboration we've created something very special together. I'm incredibly grateful for her combination of expert course creation and heart-centeredness!

- Karen Powell

Creativity Coach


A Closer Look at the Next 4+ Months



weekly calls




program blueprint


Website Icons


The Incubator has been crafted with a 4-month initial commitment because that’s the minimum time I recommend this process take if you want to do it with excellence. Some love the acceleration, many take longer. Both are perfect! After the 4 months, you can choose to stay in The Incubator on a month-to-month basis for continued access to all live calls and milestone rewards. 

Your signature program, your timeline.

You may be wondering...

Why work with a learning design expert versus a launch expert?

Literally my favourite question in the world. There are two major problems within the online course building industry. (More specifically, with the other courses out there that claim to teach you how to create a course of your own…)

  • Problem #1: Ironically, they missed the whole 'create a course' part of it.

    No shade (okay, maybe some), but the reality is, the majority of those other programs are created by marketing geniuses, not learning designers (like me!) who are experts in the science of how people actually learn

    So while you may get a great launch strategy, you're not going to get the in-depth support of architecting a transformation in your program. THAT is what gets people to complete it, get incredible results from it, and tell everyone they know about it. 

  • Problem #2: They assume one-size-fits-all.

    Building a signature program isn’t a beach kaftan. Although, I’ll admit…there's something really sexy about 'the perfect, proven approach'. Until you actually try to implement it and realize that it doesn't work for you AT ALL.

    The reality is that you and your expertise is utterly unique, which means that you deserve frameworks that you can apply to your exact situation, without overtaxing your nervous system,  without a breakneck creation schedule, and without trying to force your brilliance into a box.

Still feeling into whether The Incubator is the place for you? Let’s see…

  • You LOVE serving your people, but you’re maxed out with 1:1 work and you know you can’t continue with a calendar this stacked.

  • You’re looking to add in sustainably scalable revenue that shares your knowledge with a wider audience so you can make a bigger impact without losing the personal touch.

  • You have a desire to do things in a way they’ve never been done before - cookie-cutter approaches make your soul shrivel up like a prune.

  • You’re either creating your first signature program and you want to make sure you do it right, OR you have an existing program that you know could be a gazillion times better.

  • The thought of getting a bad review or poor feedback practically keeps you up at night. And not only because there is a little bit of a people pleaser in you (wink)—but because you truly want to make a difference.

  • You’re also afraid of not getting any feedback at all because people weren’t motivated enough to actually finish your program and get the results they wanted when they invested.

  • You care about doing things with beauty, integrity, and excellence—you don’t actually buy into the belief that “done is better than perfect”.

  • You know you’re capable of creating an “oh my god, best program ever” experience but you’re too close to the subject matter to see how and would value expert guidance in making it happen.

Furthermore, I’m 100% confident that it will work for you regardless of industry or niche. The beauty of my frameworks (and learning design in general) is that YOU get to be the subject matter expert and I help you translate your genius into a life-changing program. 

I know because I've worked with all sorts of coaches, creatives, B2B & B2C companies, inventory managers, mindset coaches, graphic designers, brand strategists, copywriters, coaches for parents of gifted children, accessibility advocates, travel bloggers, influencers, and more.


Questions + Answers to Check Off Your List



Could you simply ‘x’ out from the page and wait for another month or two…or three to go by? Sure you could. But I’ll challenge you to really consider how different life could look 4 months from today if you choose to invest in yourself and enroll now. What would be made possible by having your program live in the world?

You’ve been growing increasingly frustrated with capacity issues, maxing yourself out, and constantly trying to escape burn-out. But you and I both know, that’s not a fun way to work and live. Creating your signature program won’t happen by spontaneous combustion, but only through intention. Which is what you’ll get with The Incubator.

Don’t let others in your space (and even those newer to the playing field than you) launch programs of their own left & right and cause you to sink further into discouragement.

You can do this. You can create more freedom for yourself in the very near future. It may not be totally hands-off or “passive” but it will be more than worth it. I can promise you that!

It’s time to set yourself up for sustainable success with a signature program that feels like an extension of your soul and creates holy wow transformation for your people

I believe the Incubator is the best place on the internet to show you how to do that in a way that honours every part of you. If you feel the same, I’m inviting you to apply right now.

I can’t wait to connect with you and help you package your brilliance in a way that doesn’t require you to only work 1:1 with your favourite people.

Sofie Von Marricks

I was able to create something truly transformational

I was able to create a landmark program that I feel so confident in and that brought in an additional 20k that I wasn't even planning for that month. Working with Emily was a turning point in my business. Her coaching style is so warm and so open, she's able to ask the questions that really make you think about what your gifts are really meant to do for the world. Through Emily's method, I was able to create something that is truly transformational - I have never seen more connection, transformation and action and follow through from the participants compared to any of my other programs. I feel really powerful with my programs now.

- Sofie Von Marricks

Life Coach

Investment Details

What's included in the Incubator:

  • Custom Program Pathway & Guidebook

  • Intimate weekly live group coaching calls 

  • Lifetime access to my full program suite (8 total courses, valuing $2,400+)

  • 2x 45-min private coaching calls when you reach milestones

  • Video review of your full program design

  • Video review of your launch event design

  • Full review and audit of your sales page copy by a pro copywriter

  • Private community for 24/7 peer support

  • A few other surprises along the way... 

Monthly Payments

4 x $997


1 x $3697

The courses and milestone rewards alone total over $6300 in value. You're also getting 4 months' worth of weekly live group coaching calls and access to a private community, which is so valuable it’s impossible to quantify! (Though for reference, if you wanted to work with me for private coaching for the same amount of time it would be over 10K.)

This is a surefire way to feel certain your program will get your people results— and give you life along the way.