Course Cafe Replay: Understanding Frameworks

Course Cafe Replay: Understanding Frameworks

Framework is a word I find that gets thrown around a lot when we’re talking about course creation.

And generally, there are tons of misconceptions or thoughts about what they are, but not a whole lot of talk that digs deeper into how we can actually use them in a way that creates a meaningful impact on our learner’s experience.

In this video I dive into what the components are that go into a framework and how we can start using them to our advantage.

And we discuss:

  • What a framework actually is
  • How we use them
  • What they are not
  • How you can design one
  • If you even need one
  • How do they translate into your courses, programs, and offer ecosystem

Plus we look at the different kinds of frameworks we can use and the questions you can ask yourself as you map out your own frameworks in your courses and programs.

Let’s start this conversation on frameworks so that you can lean even more into what works for you, what feels good for you, and what feels exciting to create!

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