Course Cafe Replay: Offer Ecosystems

Course Cafe Replay: Offer Ecosystems

Maybe you’re used to thinking about your offers as part of offer suites or ascension models, but I like to think about offers as part of an ecosystem – where everything fits together and flows and that also gives you permission to do things in a non-linear way.

And that starts by looking and asking what are all the possibilities, what are all the different things that you can build together to have an offer suite. And thinking about what matters most to you and what scalability looks like for you. Reflecting on what sort of business you want to have, how you want to serve your people, and even what niche you’re in.

That’s why in this video, I’m focusing on Offer Ecosystems – because if we want to create more impact and more income, and we want to expand and have freedom in whatever that looks like for us, then we need to make sure that we love all of our offers. And that all of our offers fit together, and that there aren’t any gaps or that we’re missing out on opportunities to add something more in.

In this video we discuss:

  • What an offer ecosystem is and how you can map one out for yourself
  • How an ecosystem makes your programs and offers all flow together
  • The different types of offers and how to choose the best options to fit within your own ecosystem

Plus we look at the core questions you can ask yourself as you map out your own ecosystem to give yourself the best opportunities possible.

*bonus – grab the Canva template used in the video here.

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