Just Start

Make this the year you finally launch your program


Here’s what we’ll accomplish over the course of these 3 days:

Day 1: Overcome & Unleash

One of the biggest things holding you back from creating your program is your own limiting beliefs. On Day 1, we're going to be taking out the trash on those negative thoughts that are stopping you from starting. Then you can really see your bold vision more clearly, so you can tune into what makes youyour programand the experience you want to craft for your people unique.

Day 2: Alchemize & Infuse

On Day 2, you're going to look at your people in a way you never have before. You'll be taking the knowledge and wisdom you have about them and alchemizing it into a crystal clear starting point for your program. Once you understand your people, not only will you be able to infuse this knowledge into a program that feels custom-tailored for your audience, but you'll also be able to start brainstorming content ideas that get your people ready to leap into your program.

Day 3: Define & Transform

On Day 3, you'll be deep diving into mapping the journey you want to take your people on. You're going to define the core promise of your program, so you'll understand the ultimate transformation you aim to provide. Once you have the journey mapped out, you'll be able to more easily decide on the container that's best suited to get them there and how you can elevate that experience to make your program truly powerful.

Ready to just start ?

Signature Photo Template (4)

Creating a program has been floating around on your to-do list for a while.

But you’re either procrastinating or afraid.. or both. (Let’s be real, it’s probably both.) There are a lot of negative thoughts you have surrounding this idea. Thoughts like:

“Who am I to be teaching on this?”

“There are just so many moving pieces, how do I know where to get started?”

“It’s just too overwhelming to think about right now.”

“Sure, it sounds great, but…” And then it goes to the back shelf of your brain to collect dust.

You’re comfortable with your 1:1 services, but you’re looking to add something more scalable to your offer suite. The only problem is actually starting.

Hey there, I'm Emily!

My superpower is helping you pull the gold out of your head and transform it into a powerful program that not only gets massive results, but feels uniquely like you.

I've worked with best-selling authors, seven-figure mindset queens, and even universities to help them design transformation driven learning experiences.

All this to say: I know my stuff. Most of these big names in the industry are marketers. They’ll teach you how to market and build funnels, but they don’t go over the intentional aspect– how to create a program that feels good to you and feels like you, not them or someone else, and how to create something that’s actually going to transform their people.

That’s exactly why I created this challenge.


The Just Start Challenge is for you if…

  • You’re tired of being withheld by your own mindset
  • You know that this is the right direction for your business, but you’re overwhelmed with where to start
  • You kind of, sort of, have a small idea of who your ideal learner is (or not at all), but you need help getting clarity
  • You possibly know what result you want to get your people, but it’s the road to getting them there that you’re still confused about
  • With the different types of programs/course/offers out there, you aren’t sure which one is right for you

Sound like you?

In case that wasn't enough... there are prizes!


Throughout the challenge, you'll have the opportunity to earn points, with the top three participants getting one of these awesome prizes.
Here's how to earn points:

5 points

  • Sign up for the challenge
  • Follow @modernleadersco on IG
  • Like & Follow @modernleadersco on Facebook
  • Introduce yourself in the challenge FB group (bonus 5 points if you share a picture of your pet!)

10 points

  • Get a friend to join the challenge (10 points per friend - have them tag you in their welcome post!)
  • Share your key takeaway from the day using the IG Story template provided

15 points

  • Attend a live training
  • Submit your daily homework (by 4pm PST)

Get started on your points now by signing up!

Just Start


Make this the year you finally
launch your program