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Design and deliver powerful workshops that WOW your people

The Winning Workshop Toolkit is your one-stop-shop that gives you everything you need to design and deliver workshops that engage your people while giving them so. much. value

You’ve got the life-changing course, your offer nailed down, and you know the transformation you can help people achieve.

Congrats! The hard part is already DONE.

Now comes the fun part… actually getting your course into the hands and hearts of your people.

The last thing you need to cross the finish line is a high value workshop to help you connect with your people and get them awesome results (without giving everythingggg away). 

But when it comes to actually creating that workshop, you're starting to ask:

"How do I balance giving enough value without totally cannibalizing my program?"

“How do I get people to engage so it's not just awkward crickets?”

“How can I make sure the experience is super actionable if I have a limited amount of time?”

“How do I transition into pitching my program in a way that doesn't feel like a dumpster fire?”

Not to mention all the tiny little questions like should this be free or paid, how long should it be, and how do I deliver the dang thing.

The fact that you’re worried about these things is actually a GOOD thing. It shows that you are truly passionate about what you have to offer and want to make your workshop an incredible experience for your people!

You know you’ve got something amazing to give the world, but when it comes to finding that perfect balance of what and how much to share, things get a bit complicated.

Sound familiar?

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Designing and delivering high-value workshops does NOT have to be an overwhelming process…

With the right framework and tools, you’ll be able to…

Choose the perfect topic for your workshop that leads naturally into your offer (no awkward transitions to the pitch needed). 

Craft a powerful workshop outline that weaves together the psychology of how adults actually learn with your own unique magic

Boost audience engagement and facilitate conversations (without the cricket-like silence)

Relax into the art of the pitch so you can seamlessly share about your life-changing program with powerful confidence 

What if you could deliver winning workshops with so much ease and confidence that your people can't even fathom how much value you actually offer INSIDE of your paid program

What if...

you had an entire toolkit of easy-to-implement tips and tricks to help you boost your audience engagement and manage your live audience, so you can ensure that ALL of your workshops from here on out are a success and your people are ALWAYS heard?

What if...

you could intentionally craft your workshop structure for maximum impact and value, while seamlessly leading into your other offers?

What if...

you had a powerful pre-workshop routine to help you prepare and present with the kind of excitement that will have your people saying “YES” and throwing money at you like confetti before the workshop is even over?

Most importantly, what if you could say goodbye to the overthinking, analysis paralysis gremlin and instead show up as your true, authentic, oh-so-passionate self and let your value and wisdom flow freely?

Introducing… The Winning Workshop Toolkit!


The one-stop-shop toolkit that gives you everything you need to design and deliver powerful online workshops!

Learn the tips, tricks, and best practices you need to host high energy workshops with ease and confidence!


$97 USD

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Hey, there! I'm Emily.

I’m a course creation expert and workshop facilitator who has made it my mission to help brilliant entrepreneurs like you make an impact through life-changing online programs and powerful workshops.

I’ve spent years designing AND leading engaging, high-converting workshops,  webinars, and live trainings that blow people away...

And as much as I'd like to say that my awesome workshops are strictly due to my great sense of humour and the constant presence of at least one cat in the background, the reality is that there are simple tricks and frameworks that you can easily implement so that your workshops are absolutely phenomenal.

Let me show you how:

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Take a peek inside the toolkit

The Winning Workshop Toolkit is a self-serve buffet of tools, tricks and frameworks to help you with all elements of creating an online workshop. You can go through the content in order or you can pop in and grab what you need.

Here's what's inside:



There are certain factors that majorly impact how you design your workshop. Before you dive into the outline, use the tools and trainings in this module to make these core decisions:

  • Will the workshop be taught live or pre recorded
  • Will you charge or is it free?
  • Do you want it to be a true 'workshop workshop' with lots of time for implementation or closer to a webinar style of presentation?
  • How do you want your workshop to lead into your other offers? Will it be a launch event, a lead magnet, a guest workshop or something different?
  • How many participants do you want to have?
  • How much do you want to engage and interact with your people?


Now that we know the type of workshop we're designing, it's time to map out the structure. In this module, I walk you through my framework for designing high value workshops so that you'll be able to:

  • Set the scope for your workshop
  • Include intentional activities to get people taking action right away
  • Weave in elements to boost audience participation
  • Decide if and when you should include workbooks or other resources

Plus I share my favourite, easy-to-customize workshop structures so you can grab and go!



Let's bring this workshop to life! Use the tools and trainings in this module to help you:

  • Prepare for your workshop to kick those butterflies to the curb
  • Determine your best presentation approach (spoiler alert: you don't have to use slides if you don't want to)
  • Manage comments and questions live so that everyone feels seen
  • Run breakout rooms like a pro

Most importantly, we'll explore how to transition seamlessly to pitching your paid offer in a way that ditches the slime and leans into your values of service and devotion to your people!



It doesn't always stop right after you hit 'end meeting'! This module helps you to:

  • Request feedback and collect testimonials
  • Follow up with your people to stay connected
  • Lead your people into your offer ecosystem from a place of service and value

The Winning Workshop Toolkit

The one-stop-shop toolkit that gives you everything you need to design and deliver powerful online workshops!

Learn the tips, tricks, and best practices you need to host high energy workshops with ease and confidence!

  • Core Considerations Video Trainings
  • Workshop Pricing Guidelines
  • Design Your Workshop Video Trainings
  • Swipeable & Customizable Workshop Structures
  • My Top Workshop Activities List
  • Workshop Delivery Video Trainings
  • Live Facilitation Tips & Tricks for Boosting Engagement
  • Save Me Scripts to Avoid Crickets & Chatty Cathys
  • The Art of the Sleaze-free Pitch
  • Workshop Follow-Up Training & Email Templates

$97 USD

$37 USD

Grab this toolkit at pre-sell pricing!