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a mastermind

You love connecting deeply with a small amount of people, which is exactly what you get to do with a mastermind! You don't mind sticking with them for the long haul because you understand that a deep transformational journey takes time, and you want this small number of people to go big with their message.

Speaking of the journey, did I mention that it's co-created? This leaves tons of wiggle room for spontaneity and experimentation, but it still serves as an elite, high-end program. You can easily tweak your mastermind as you and your people go. (Perfect for your no-itinerary-having self!)

Masterminds are definitely high-ticket, so it will take a lot of effort to nurture your people into it, but they'll be getting lots of access to you, so it's well worth it.

mastermind at a glance

Price range: $$$$$

Masterminds tend to be priced anywhere between $10,000 to upwards of $45,000, so they're definitely an elite offer.

Depth of transformation: very deep

An elite price point means an elite experience. Your people are taken on a super deep transformational journey.

Access to you & your time: lots

Your people will have lots of access to you and your time, especially if you include something like Voxer access. Get ready to be up close and personal with your people (only virtually)!

Live components: main components are live

Since you love connecting with your people so much, they'll be seeing you a lot!

Amount of nurturing required: lots

I hope you're ready to build relationships with your audience because you're about to nurture like crazy!

Intimacy: lots

Taking everything about masterminds into consideration, you'll have a lot of time to get to really know each member of your mastermind and connect with them on a deeper level individually.

Hey there, I'm Emily!

I help fiercely creative thought-leaders turn their big + brilliant ideas into powerful + profitable courses so they can improve thousands of other people’s lives while building more spaciousness into their own.

I've worked with a diverse range of clients all over the globe, from groundbreaking coaches, to best-selling authors, to seven figure mindset queens. I know that truly powerful learning experiences that house the best of your brilliance cannot be designed in a couple of hours. So if you’re worried about cookie cutters, forced formulas, and same-same structures, you can breathe a big sigh of relief because I'm allergic to all of them.


Here are some tips to make
your mastermind amazing


Check in with your people.

Where are they stuck? What do they need? Really take the time to get into their head and figure out what the're feeling, thinking, what season of life they're in, etc. That will allow you to get clear on the transformation you want them to experience and craft a mastermind that will fit with that transformation.


Give yourself permission to do things your way.

You can only create an awesome offer if it's one that aligns with you. Take all facets of your personality and likes / dislikes into account when thinking up the logistics of your offer. (And luckily, this one means you'll be connecting deeply with your people, something you value.)


Have fun!

You don't want to be miserable after creating your mastermind. Say it with me: Fun is fine! The only way you can truly be there for your people is if you're doing things in a way that feels good to you. That's why it's important to let loose, explore, and have fun with creating your amazing offer (because it will be amazing)!

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