What if you could create your course materials in a streamlined, ease-filled way?

(While looking amazing and creating a tiptop learning experience at the same time)

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Course Creation Magic helps you build your course materials in a way that minimizes overwhelm while maximizing the student experience.

It walks you through my recommended workflow for creating your course materials and includes tutorials, templates and expert tips to help you bring your powerful and profitable course to life.

Think of it like a roadmap + knapsack combination of everything you need to go from creation confusion to done like dinner. 

(one transformative course, à la mode please)

TRUTH - creating a course takes time and effort (side eye-ing the folks saying it can be done in a weekend)

The fact is that YES it takes time and energy to bring your course to life, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, what-have-I-done, where-did-I-put-the-ice-cream type of experience.

This is the course building solution for anyone who…

👉 Has their course mapped out but is frozen at what to do next - this toolkit walks you through exactly what to create, in what order and how

👉 Has heard the phrases ‘minimum viable product’ ‘ just get it done’ or ‘done is better than perfect’ ad nauseum but still wants to offer an amazing experience - this shares all my secret hacks for making your material wow-worthy without taking a ton of time or money

👉 Has their students at the heart of everything they create and wants to get them massive results - throughout the tutorials I share expert tips on how to take your materials to the next level to inspire massive transformation

This is the exact system I teach my clients for bringing their powerful and profitable courses to life. It’s intentionally crafted so that all your materials work together, and every step of the way is infused with my years of experience designing transformation-driven learning experiences.

Sofie von Marricks

Sofie von Marricks, Love Your Life B*tch

"Through Emily's method, I was able to create something that is truly transformational - I have never seen more connection, transformation and action and follow through from the participants compared to any of my other programs"


Ashley Cox, Sprout HR

"Emily will help you shake off your self-doubt, make you feel wildly confident in your own material, keep your content streamlined, focused, and actionable, and leave you with a clear action plan of next steps, so you can bring it all to life!"

Ready to bring your course to life?

emily walker course creation expert


Hi, I’m Emily! I help fiercely creative thought leaders turn their big + brilliant ideas into powerful + profitable courses so they can improve thousands of other people’s lives while building more spaciousness into their own.  

My biggest gripe with the online course creation industry is that it suggests designing a course is this linear, tick-the-boxes process that can be done in a couple of hours. Truly powerful learning experiences that house the best of your unique brilliance  cannot be designed in a couple of hours. So if you’re worried about cookie cutters, forced formulas, and same-same structures, you can breathe a big sigh of relief because I’m allergic to all of them.