What if you could create your course materials in a streamlined, ease-filled way?

(While looking amazing and creating a tiptop learning experience at the same time)

You have your course mapped out, but you're stuck on what to do next.

Should I record my videos? Make a workbook? – There are all these different materials that you need to create to finally bring your program to life, but you have no clue where to start.

You’ve heard the phrases: “minimum viable product”, “done is better than perfect”, “just get it done”, but you care about your people and their transformations, so you still want to offer an amazing experience without it feeling rushed.

One thing I hear from my clients all the time is that when they sit down to actually create their course materials, they get super overwhelmed because, let’s face it, there’s a lot!

They have no clear direction about where to start, and they end up feeling like something is wrong with them.

You know why I think they feel this way? The rah-rah messaging in the course creation industry telling you that you can build your course in a weekend.

NEWSFLASH: That’s just not possible. Not if you’re serious about creating something that will take your people on a deep, transformational journey (which I know you are).

Truth – creating a course takes time and effort (side eye-ing the folks saying it can be done in a weekend).

The fact is that, YES, it takes time and energy to bring your course to life, but it doesn’t have to be an overwhelming, what-have-I-done, where-did-I-put-the-ice-cream type of experience.


Introducing Course Builder Box

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Course Builder Box helps you build your course materials in a way that minimizes overwhelm while maximizing the student experience.

This is the exact system I teach my clients for bringing their powerful and profitable courses to life. It’s intentionally crafted so that all your materials work together, and every step of the way is infused with my years of experience designing transformation-driven learning experiences.

Think of it like a roadmap and knapsack of everything you need to go from creation confusion to done like dinner.

(one transformative course, a la mode please)

your investment: $97 USD

$44 USD

curious about the content?

Here's how you'll build your materials:



Plan & Prep

You can't just dive straight into creating course materials, of course! In Module 1, you'll be creating a module plan so that you don't feel overwhelmed by all of the moving pieces.

And because I'm such a Trello nerd, I've create a Trello template for you to easily copy to your account and keep up with #allthethings related to your course and its materials.



Let's talk about workbooks, baby! In Module 2, I'm walking you through my very own workbook template that I'm handing off to you.

I'm also giving you all my juiciest tips, tricks, and hacks for editing your workbook in Canva (plus workbook templates for you to customize!) and Google Docs.




To use slides or not to use slides? In Module 3, we'll discuss everything related to slides, like what to include, when to include it, how to design them in a way that works for your learner, and more.

And (if you haven't guessed already), I've created a Canva template that gives you the key elements to include on your slides to maximize your learner experience!



Last but not least, in Module 4, we're talking all about how to prepare for your videos ahead of time, what to be doing during recording, and the post-recording process.

I've also created a video tutorial walking you through my personal editing process, as well as some video-editing hacks and a checklist to help you set up for success when you go to record your videos!


Did someone say resources?


A compilation of all of my favourite resources for putting together your course materials, ranging from stock images, stock video, royalty-free music, hosting platforms, and more.


My complete 3-step brainstorming guide to help you name your course. If naming things isn’t your forte (I can relate to that), then this guide was made for you!

Total value: $97

You pay: $44

Hey, there! I'm Emily.

I help fiercely creative thought leaders turn their big + brilliant ideas into powerful + profitable courses, so they can improve thousands of other people’s lives while building more spaciousness into their own.

My biggest gripe with the online course creation industry is that it suggests designing a course is this linear, tick-the-boxes process that can be done in a couple of hours. Truly powerful learning experiences that house the best of your unique brilliance cannot be designed in a couple of hours. So if you’re worried about cookie cutters, forced formulas, and same-same structures, you can breathe a big sigh of relief because I’m allergic to all of them.

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What do you get with Course Builder Box?

A step-by-step system to help you create your course materials - no more guessing what to create and when

Video tutorials for all your major components (think video editing hacks, slide design tips and presentation must-haves) so that all of your materials are wow-worthy

Templates for slide decks and workbooks that go beyond just looking fabulous but are strategically designed to maximize the learner experience

Lifetime access so that you can use this again and again each time you create your courses

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Through Emily's method, I was able to create something that is truly transformational.

I was able to create a landmark program that I feel so confident in and that brought in an additional 20k that I wasn't even planning for that month. I have never seen more connection, transformation and action and follow through from the participants compared to any of my other programs. I feel really powerful with my programs now.

Sofie Von Marricks, Life Coach

Course Builder Box is perfect for you if:

  • You’re in any industry, as long as you’re creating a course.
  • Your students are at the heart of everything you create, and you strive to get them massive results.
  • You’re ready to let go of the brakes on your course so you can finally put it out into the world.
  • The thought of creating your course material stresses you out to the MAX
  • You need some direction from an expert who cares about you, what you create, and is ready to help you do it right - And by “right”, I mean right for you.