Why It’s So Important To Celebrate Your Small Business Wins

Why It’s So Important To Celebrate Your Small Business Wins

When your program is out there in the world?

When you make your first sale?

When your students are sharing their incredible results?

When you’re opening the doors to the next round?

I was having a debrief call with one of my clients after the successful first round of her certification program. She was sharing the incredible transformations she’d witnessed in her students, the experience of running the program, as well as her brilliant ideas for her next launch which is already in the works.

The one thing she didn’t share? How she was going to celebrate.

As entrepreneurs, we’re great at moving the goal post. Our drive is both one of our greatest gifts, but also the thing that keeps us blasting forward without pausing to acknowledge what we’ve accomplished.

It’s so easy to finish one round of a program and move right into the next launch, the next round, the next idea, without pausing to really ground and embody everything that you’ve done.

Every step along the way deserves to be celebrated.

  • When you first have the idea for your powerful program
  • When you first map out the curriculum and go HOLY COW this is incredible
  • When you record your first video
  • When you come up with an incredible launch event idea
  • When you infuse the program with your unique magic
  • When you welcome in your students
  • When your witness your students’ transformations

And most importantly – I want you to celebrate the moment when you make the decision to commit to bring that brilliant program to life.

Just the decision of “yes I’m going to make this happen” deserves to be celebrated.

Because so many programs never see the light of day, they just stay an idea on the ‘one day’ list.

So how will you celebrate??

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