What Weddings And Course Creation Have In Common – Part 2

What Weddings And Course Creation Have In Common – Part 2

When you’re crafting any sort of experience, whether it’s an intimate celebration like a wedding or a transformational online program, the end result is going to be a reflection of all the people involved along the way.

Whether that be the people you choose to help you plan, host, and carry out the wedding, or the platforms, structures, and mentors you choose to help bring your course vision to life. 

When it came to our wedding, it was really important to Dylan and I that we invest in and collaborate with people who matched our values, our energy, and who understood the vision we had for the experience.

💍 from the incredible Jennifer of Fair Jewelry (@fair.jewelry), a local, Asian female-owned business who collaborated with us to design our custom rings from ethically and sustainable materials.

🥗 to Zak from Elk + the Tide Catering (@elkandthetidecatering), who before we had even officially hired him worked with us to design an incredible menu with locally sourced ingredients that was honestly some of the best food I’ve ever tasted in my life.

💌 to my friend and coach Kim (@drkimberlyrose) who officiated our ceremony and guided us in uncovering what mattered most in our vows – because we knew we didn’t want to have just any stranger marry us, we needed someone whose life work is a celebration of intimacy and love.

Just like a wedding, when it comes to your course, who you collaborate with matters.

Similarly in your course creation journey, the process of taking your life’s work, your passion, your unique magic that you’re used to expressing through 1:1 offers and translating it into a scalable program is a deeply intimate experience. 

Not only that, but you’re also putting your stake in the ground as being an expert and saying to the world, I know this well enough to teach it to other people, which can be really exciting but also scary and stir up a lot of thought gremlins.

And just like in Part 1 where I talked about how everyone has an opinion, it can be really stressful because the loudest voices in the course creation industry seem to be saying, you have to do it my way or you’re gonna fail”. “You have to launch with a webinar. You’re never gonna be successful. You have to have a course that’s structured this way or it’s gonna fail.”

What you need is a mentor who can help you be more of you, who can help you see what makes you amazing at what you do, and who guides you in designing a program that showcases your brilliance and leads your people on the most incredible journey. Who helps you launch in a way that works with your energy and that feels really sustainably expansive for you. 

Hi, it’s me 👋

Being a mentor who helps you infuse more ‘you’ into your course and your course creation journey is what I aspire to do. 

My goal is always to give you options and to help you make informed, intentional decisions about what works best for you and what will give your people the most powerful experience.

You’re never going to hear me say that there is only one way to do things. Instead, you’re going to hear me say it depends on what feels good for you and how can we make this work intentionally for you and also your people. 

That’s why I created the Incubator. A luxe-yet-cozy group coaching experience that shows you how to design, create, and launch your DREAM signature program without using cookie-cutter strategies — even if all you have right now is an idea

With custom program pathways and guidebooks, weekly live group coaching calls, access to my full program suite, and unlockable milestones the Incubator takes the best of a self-study curriculum, group community, and personalized 1:1 support –  providing you with adaptable and easily customizable frameworks so you can not only create a life-changing experience for your people but also feel incredible while doing so.  

Click here to learn more about the Incubator.

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