Waiting For The Perfect Moment

Waiting For The Perfect Moment

I am the queen of waiting for ‘the perfect moment’

Specifically when it comes to big projects, it usually sounds like this:

  • I’ll plan out my next program when I have more white space on my calendar.
  • I’ll design my new web page when I’m not onboarding lots of new clients.
  • I’ll wait until ____ is finished, when ___ afternoons are open, when I have a full [insert day/week/month].

And I have an equally sneaky feeling, that you may be doing something similar.

There are so many moving pieces, so many decisions, so many opportunities to get stuck when it comes to creating an online program. Which is why it can be so tempting to leave it until that magical future moment when you have more brain power, or more time to focus to be able to sort it all out.

But here’s the thing, unless you’re planning on taking a multi-month long vacation to only focus on your course, chances are there’s always going to be other things on your plate.

So instead of trying to tackle it all at once, let’s break it down into bite-sized manageable pieces that fit into your already pretty full schedule.

It’s time to take that idea for the program that will add more time and spaciousness into your life off the one-day backburner and start making progress forward.

So what do you need to go from ‘one day’ to today?

What do you need in order to make your dream a reality?

What do you need in order to be able to move forward?

  • Is it a plan? 
  • Is it a step by step roadmap?
  • Is it a dedicated time each week to focus on bringing your vision to life?
  • Is it a leader who can hold space for your big vision even when you’re feeling overwhelmed?
  • Is it a supportive community to cheer you on and talk through your low points?

All of those things and so much more are waiting for you inside of the Incubator,

Because you deserve to be supported during this process, and not have to struggle through things alone. And also because the whole journey from the beginning of your idea to your fully existing program gets to feel like its honouring YOU at every step of the process.

If you’re ready to go from ‘one day’ to ‘today’ in the most fun, expansive, and totally delicious way, you’re invited to join the Incubator

And if you’re just starting out on your program creation journey check out this free video series to help you begin tuning into your vision for your most powerful program. 

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