Part 2: Let’s Talk About Recording Videos

Part 2: Let’s Talk About Recording Videos

We’re chatting about the biggest hang-ups I see people having when it comes to moving from an idea to a fully launched and ready-to-go course out there in the world.

And for part 2, we’re talking about recording videos for your course.

Let’s cut right to the chase, recording videos for your course can be SUPER intimidating.

From the tech nightmare of it all (camera? laptop? microphone? lights?) to the editing  adventure to the ‘how the heck do I actually show up on camera and not stumble over my words and have to spend 5 million hours in retakes of the same lesson?’

I hear it all the time from my clients and Incubator members: 

I’m just not good on video

I feel so awkward

What should I even wear

I’m so bad at editing

What if I mess up?

Do I have to read from a teleprompter?

Let’s be real, most of us haven’t had to record ourselves teaching before we create a course for the first time – so it’s natural that it’s going to feel scary and a bit overwhelming.

(It’s why I recommend planning in some meltdown time on your first recording day because #beentherebefore.)

Here’s what I like to remind my clients: the only person expecting perfection from your videos is you. 

People want to learn from humans. They don’t care if you slightly mess up a word or need to check your notes or if your dog climbs on your lap – in fact, that makes the experience feel even more intimate and connected.

As long as you have intentionally structured your lessons so that your content is organized and the actions are clear, people are super forgiving with video quality, lighting, editing – all those moving pieces that can keep us super stuck.

That’s why in the Incubator, we spend so much time designing your program and mapping out your content, so that when it comes time to actually build your materials and record your videos, everything becomes more streamlined. 

But I also know, no matter how beautifully designed your program is or how many tools and trainings I give you access to, there will always be times when you need a pep talk or to commiserate with someone who has also been stuck in video recording pit of doom.

Which is why I’ve included weekly group calls in the Incubator – so that when you just can’t find the motivation, or you’re feeling overwhelmed at the idea of what you have to do, or you want me to give you a refresher on my video recording set up so you feel extra confident – you can come to the calls or post in the Slack community and myself and the other Incubator members will be there to cheer you on.

I’m obviously biased, but I believe the Incubator is truly the best experience if you’re wanting deep support, expert guidance and all the tools, trainings and templates you need to bring your life-changing program into reality.

Recording videos is just one of the challenges that can arise on your program creation journey – but you don’t have to do it alone.  

Have questions? Send an email to or DM me over at @emily.mwalker

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