Part 1: When To Know Enough Is Enough Content

Part 1: When To Know Enough Is Enough Content

I want to talk about the three biggest hang-ups I see people having when it comes to creating an online course – today we’re going to start with #1: the content monster.

If I had to pick the biggest problem with most online courses these days I would say: too much content.

Too much content. Too long of videos. Too many pages of workbooks. Too. many. Things. 

Now I find there are two factors driving this firehose of information in online courses:

  1. The main leaders in the industry who are teaching how to create courses don’t have educational backgrounds, they have marketing backgrounds. And when you look through a marketing lens, more content = more valuable. 

It’s way more sexy and glamorous to sell a course with 30000 hours of videos and 150000 pages of workbooks and 167 lessons.

Who wouldn’t want to have a valuable course? That’s what we all want – which brings me to factor #2

  1. You care so deeply about your people, you want to make sure they have everyyyything they could possibly need on their learning journey. But what ends up happening is we bog our people down with too many ‘nice-to-knows’ and extra resources, and bonus trainings just in case, so before we know it they are completely overwhelmed with all the things.

Here’s the truth: the value of your course doesn’t come from the amount of content.

I’ll say it again: the value in your course doesn’t come from the amount of content. It doesn’t come from the information. It comes from the way you intentionally structure the learning experience to empower your people to take action as quickly and ease-fully as possible. 

Your course becomes MORE valuable when you make the intentional decision to only include the need-to-knows, as opposed to the nice-to-knows. 

It becomes more valuable when you have bite sized, 7 min or less videos. Precise and actionable worksheets and tools.

It becomes incredibly valuable when every element of your course is architected around the actions your people need to take.

And that’s exactly what I teach you how to do in the Incubator

Using my proven strategies that are actually rooted in the science of how people learn, I support you in sifting through all your genius to distill out the powerful gems of knowledge so you can feel completely confident in the value of your course (no content stuffing needed).

If you’re ready to have a scalable program that you know gets life-changing results, that you feel SO excited to share and deliver – apply for the Incubator.

Here’s to a less is more approach and changing the industry standard around online courses 🥂

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