Give Yourself A Break

Give Yourself A Break

You look like you need a break…

A break from beating yourself up when things feel really hard.

A break from comparing yourself to the very edited perfect success stories that dominate our industry.

A break from making it mean there’s something wrong with you when things take longer, or are harder, or you can’t figure them out right away.

Is feeling super stuck blocking you from wanting to work on your program?

I had a 1:1 call with one of my Incubator members the other day to go over her program outline, and we tagged some time on to the end to walk through some Canva questions because she was feeling super stuck and it was blocking her from wanting to keep working on her program.

(Sidenote: full permission to DITCH CANVA – or any tech for that matter – if it’s blocking you – I love a Google Doc workbook, your program materials don’t need to be gorgeous the first time, pick what feels accessible and lean into that!)

Ok back to the story, I was walking through some tutorials of how I think about designing program graphics in Canva and the member said something along the lines of “you’re so brilliant, this is amazing, this stuff is so hard for me I have so many challenges when it comes to tech.”

Now the Leo in me loves a compliment, but I clarified something to her that I also want to share with you:

  1. When I did learning design in my corporate work – I built all the materials. All the workbooks, the slides, the videos, the cheesy voiceovers. All of it. So I have YEARS of experience doing this.
  2. I also have a graphic design background which is a huge help when it comes to making things look pretty and fancy quickly.
  3. My mom is an artist – so ever since I was a wee little one, creativity, artistry, and visual awareness has been a part of my life.

All of this to say – I wasn’t born with an innate Canva ability. Years of various factors have been woven together to give me the skillset to visualize the graphics and materials needed in programs to elevate the learning experience.

You (probably) don’t have that same background – so don’t beat yourself up if it takes time!

Or if you need to find a shortcut or a template, or use different software or let things be a bit ugly until you want to invest in a graphic designer. 

When it comes to creating your course – you are learning a s%$# ton of new skills – you are a subject matter expert, a learning designer, a graphic designer, a content writer, a videographer, a tech VA uploading to your platform, a marketer – you are wearing SO many hats. 

So give yourself a break – you’re doing a great freaking job.

And if you’re looking for help in designing more engaged learning experiences, online courses, and programs, join me in one of my Free Course Cafes to chat about all things program design. Each month, I host a free live call on a specific course creation topic where you’re welcome to come as you are and bring all your Q & A’s.

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