3 Ways To Add Courses Into Your Offer Suite Without Touching Your 1:1 Service

3 Ways To Add Courses Into Your Offer Suite Without Touching Your 1:1 Service

When you think of adding more things– like a course or group program– into your offer suite (or as I like to call it, an offer ecosystem), it may come with the connotation that it needs to replicate or replace your 1:1 service. 

The reason is probably because you’ve gotten super comfortable with the transformational journey you take your clients on with your 1:1 service, so you’re unsure how to add another offer to your suite without it needing to look exactly the same as what you offer your clients now.

Let’s start with the core transformation you provide as part of your 1:1 service, which takes your client from point A to point B. It’s a completely valid option to just take this transformation and turn it into a scalable program, BUT it’s not your only choice.⁣⁣

So, without further adieu, allow me to walk you through 3 different ways to add courses into your offer suite that don’t replicate or replace your 1:1 service!

This can make for the perfect transition to a program that supports them after your 1:1 service!

Let’s say you coach creatives to help them get their business off the ground and thriving. After succeeding with your 1:1 package, graduate your clients into a high ticket group program that helps them scale into an agency owner.⁣⁣

Perhaps you find yourself repeating the same processes and information often to clients. Your mini course can act as a preparation stage for clients to begin working with you 1:1.

Say you help entrepreneurs craft high converting sales funnels but you need your clients to have a deep understanding of their audience in order for you to do your work successfully. Start them with a mini course that helps your people connect & engage with their audience in way that gathers the answers they need to be totally prepared to work with you.⁣⁣

Supplement your 1:1 service with a bonus toolkit or something extra that they can get while working alongside you that will help them even further with an area that they may struggle with.

Using myself as an example, I work with my clients to design powerful and profitable online programs. Sometimes, they need an extra boost of confidence when it comes to running live calls, so I created a smaller self-study course that gives them everything they need to run group calls like a rockstar.⁣⁣

It’s time to start thinking of your offer suite as an ecosystem. Everything that you offer to your clients works in harmony with each other to produce powerful results. (Because the results WILL be powerful – it’s you after all!)⁣⁣

Want to discuss your options?

It can be super intimidating figuring out which option would be best for you. Not to mention what kind of offer will work best alongside your 1:1. That’s why I offer free monthly course cafes, a group call on Zoom where you can ask me any and all of your course creation questions and get feedback on what you’re currently working on.

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