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the most essential step to designing a powerful and profitable program

In order to really craft an exceptional offer that caters to your students' journeys, you first need to understand where they're starting, where they're going, and obstacles they may encounter that you can avoid. By journey mapping, you're building the foundation to create a course that truly maximizes their experience.

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Journey Mapping is a module that is included in my signature course, Course Creation Magic. You're receiving the exact same module that my paid students receive. The reason I selected this module in particular is because journey mapping is a step that often gets overlooked in the course creation process, yet it's one that can be the defining factor between a course that strategically guides students along their transformation and one that collects dust in the digital graveyard.

Think of this way: You want to align your course's virtual "path" to their starting point and destination. If the path begins too far ahead of them, they'll easily become confused and overwhelmed; if it's too far behind them, that will quickly lead to boredom.

Journey mapping is the key to getting the ball rolling on a course that perfectly aligns to your people's journeys and gets them real results. You'll walk away knowing how your course fits with your other offers, the transformation you're providing, and what you should and should not include in the scope. If you're unsure where to start with creating your course, this is for you.

VALUE: $97

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The Beginning of the Journey

In this lesson, you'll build out your Ideal Learner Profile, so you can know who your people are, how you can incorporate familiar elements into your course, and where the starting point of your course is. I've also created a workbook to walk you through each lesson!



The Endpoint of the Journey

What's different for your students now after completing your course? How are they feeling, and what are they thinking? What comes next for them? This is where you'll figure out what the endpoint of your course is, how you can seamlessly merge it with your others offers, and how you can confidently speak to the transformation it provides.


Obstacles Along the Way

We know it's never as easy as taking them from point A to point B. To finish off, it's time to identify obstacles they may encounter along the way, so you can design a course that premedidates them and helps your learners navigate them with ease.


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